The easiest type of wager of any sporting event is betting on the outcome of Parimatch. It’s a win, a loss to one of the teams or a draw. As a rule, in order to correctly predict, you do not have to have a lot of experience of dealing with a bookmaker, but you need to know how to make such predictions correctly. You can predict success or loss for any kind of sports betting, but it is not always possible to choose a draw, for example, tennis and volleyball draw do not involve. In tennis it is impossible because of the rules of the game, and in basketball the score implies several dozen points, which makes the same result almost unattainable. There are several types of parimatch outcome bets used by bookmakers.


Betting on the outcome in Parimatch

The most common disputes over results are:

  • Standard – the total of the main time, this also includes a double chance (includes several likely strategies, when the user assumes two options for the end of events);
  • The whole match – in addition to the main takes into account extra time;
  • The minute played is the value at a certain point in the game.
  • The rest of the time is a live bet, when the betters predict changes in the remaining minutes before the end of the match, which means that from the moment of betting as if a new match begins, the result of the entire previous time is not taken into account;
  • a certain part of the sporting meeting is the result of only one of the halves/sets!

The labels of such bets look like this:

  • 1 – the victory of the first team or a certain athlete;
  • 2 – second club/rival win;
  • X is a draw!

There are cases when a draw is not supposed, then usually write 1-2.

BC Parimatch offers bettors to make online bets on the outcome in football, hockey, tennis, volleyball, basketball, as well as other sports. Any player can use a variety of strategies to predict the outcome of events with maximum comfort and the most favorable conditions.

BC Parimatch gives you the opportunity to choose the whole list of options for results, taking into account the specific sports game. It’s incredibly easy to make live deals in Parimatch broadcast timeusing any device, including a mobile phone. You can also make VIP bets (the amount exceeding the stated maximum). The potential of this type of wager in football disputes is revealed as wide as possible.

Implementing the above strategies, it is necessary to navigate well in the chosen sport, teams, carefully examine the rules defined by the stated sporting confrontation and posted by the bookmaker’s website. This will help even a player with no experience easily increase their fortune by playing with Parimatch.